Six of the best finance apps

Thanks to the rise of finance and money-management apps, information about your expenses, savings, mortgages, personal loans, super funds and shares is only a tap away.

You’ve resolved to focus more on your finances. You’re wanting to save, budget and maximise your super and you’re planning to start investing. You need help that is easily accessible. 

The sheer amount of financial information on offer – not to mention limited spare time in your busy life – means it’s not uncommon to lose track of your goals. Now help is just a tap of your smartphone away.

Whether you’re looking to track your expenses or manage your investments, here are six of the best personal finance apps on the market.


Good for: Budgeting

TrackMySPEND is a free budgeting app from the Australian Government's financial advice service MoneySmart. It allows you to enter your total budget and add your expenses as you go, helping you keep track of your spending.

Grow by ANZ

Good for: Simplifying your financial life

The Grow by ANZTM app brings your banking, share investments and superannuation together in one place, making it easy to keep track of your finances.

  • Banking: pay bills, check balances and transaction history and transfer money.
  • Share investing: start by exploring investment ideas, read independent research and when you’re ready, open an account and start trading.
  • Super: with just a few simple taps you can find lost super, notify your employer of your super account, and monitor your super’s contributions and performance.

Grow by ANZ is for ANZ customers and is available free from the App Store. You may also want to check out ANZ goMoneyTM, which allows you to do your banking on the go, available from both the App Store and Google Play®.


Good for: Managing your bills

For a price, BillTracker offers the tools you need to stay on top of your bills – especially helpful if you often forget to pay your bills on time. This finance app allows you to input reference numbers for payments made, record partial payments for specific bills and see a complete bill history for all your debts and service providers.


Good for: Paying off your debts

DebtMinder helps put you on track to becoming debt free. You can enter your debts and it gives you a plan to pay them off, as well as a clear picture of your progress using the debt snowball method. It’s like having a coach pushing you to pay it off as quickly as possible. But like a coach, the service isn’t free.

MoneySmart mobile calculator

Good for: Calculating future costs and savings

Another app from MoneySmart is the free mobile calculator which combines five handy tools to calculate future costs and savings:

  • a savings calculator to work out how quickly you can save for a big purchase
  • a loan calculator to work out repayments on a personal loan
  • a mortgage calculator to work out repayments on a home loan
  • a superannuation calculator to work out how much super you’ll have when you retire
  • interest-free deal calculator to work out what an interest-free deal will really cost.


Good for: Monitoring your investments

If you’re investing in the sharemarket, this free ASX iPhone app lets you keep up to date with the Australian sharemarket. A handy feature is the ability to store up to 20 companies as ‘favourites’, showing their share price and volume information. You can also receive real-time company announcements from your favourite companies.

With the right tools, managing your finances can become quicker, easier and much more straightforward. So start downloading!