Behind the scenes with Jane Campion

To create a powerful visual message about financial inequality afflicting women the world over, we needed a master female storyteller. Jane Campion, one of the most accomplished modern filmmakers, was a perfect fit.

Jane is one of only four women to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director and was the first female filmmaker to receive the prestigious Palm d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, for her feature film, The Piano.

Enlisting such a gifted film director to lead an advertising production required a special campaign idea. When ANZ talked to Jane about the Smart Girls concept, as a fresh way to discuss women’s inequality, it resonated with her, and the partnership was forged.


No matter how you peel this lemon, it is never sweet –women do not get a fair deal. 

Jane Campion


"In my industry the facts are very clear and available; less than 10 per cent of feature films in America are directed by women."

Our behind-the-scenes video shows Jane working with a group of bright, confident and independent young girls to draw out their genuine responses to a series of disturbing statistical inequalities. The end result was a striking, emotive piece of film we’ve named Smart Girls.