ANZ Women's Report

Barriers to achieving financial gender equity.

For many years people have been trying to tackle issues around gender equality by asking men and women to change. This approach will not work.

What we need to do is to look at the systems that are holding women back from achieving their full potential. And when we’re talking about systems we’re referring to structures and practices in our schools, workplaces, businesses and community that reinforce biases. These systems need to be redesigned so they are fairer for women, recognise the unique strengths and talents of both genders, and equally support the success of both genders. 

The 2015 ANZ Women’s Report, Barriers to Achieving Financial Gender Equity reveals the inequalities women face at different stages of their lives and that instead of accumulating wealth over their lifetime, too many women fall behind and retire in poverty.

The report draws on a number of sources from the public sector, academia, non-profit and international organisations to examine some of the fundamental causes of financial inequality in Australia today.

It does this by comparing data and metrics for men and women across education, employment choices, income, the impact of unpaid work, career breaks, salary levels and pay gaps, as well as Australia’s superannuation system.

We hope you find the report both insightful and enlightening.