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September 2015

Shout someone in need

Australians are passionate about causes and they are consuming technology like never before. Now there is a way to combine this passion and growing trend to do good in the world.

Want to give back to your community or people in need?  Now it’s as simple as Shouting a friend a coffee.

Research shows that one of the keys to happiness is doing things for others. By giving to charity we make a difference not just to the lives of others but to our own sense of meaning and purpose.

Anything we can do as a society and community to enable others to give back is a positive step forward.says Jane Martino, founder and CEO of Shout For Good.

Shout is a digital giving platform recently acquired by ANZ to help customers connect and contribute to the community.

Three years ago, after starting a non-profit, Martino realised first-hand the challenges of fundraising in the digital age.

"I wanted to be able to fundraise in a more social, user friendly way. Mobile usage was increasing in every other segment yet the ability for people to give on a mobile phone was virtually impossible. I quickly realised that other non-profits had similar challenges, so I saw a problem and was keen to be part of the solution" , says Martino.

The idea behind Shout is that a seemingly small and everyday act of kindness can ultimately make a big difference. Imagine if everyone donated the value of a morning coffee to their favourite charity? The impact would be substantial. This is why ANZ backs Shout’s vision to change the way the world gives.

Organisations already benefiting from being part of Shout include home-grown initiatives such as Beyond Blue and the National Breast Cancer Foundation, to globally renowned causes such as World Vision and Save the Children. More than 150 charities are already on board, creating a diverse range of organisations people can support, all in one place.



Shout makes it easy to give small amounts more often, when and how it suits each donor. Donations can be set up as a one-off or as a recurring gift on a weekly or monthly basis. Donors instantly receive an email with a tax-deductible receipt, plus an aggregated receipt early in the new financial year so they have all records in the one place.

The platform can also be used by individuals and groups taking part in a fundraising event and to more easily share these with family and friends across their social networks.

So when you next enjoy a coffee break, think about using Shout and donating the value of that coffee to a cause you care about. 


September 2015

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